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Bolinas Cyclecar Club’s first meeting July 28th 2001

Report 1 & Pictures by Tom Reier

Report 2 by Warren Behler

Report 1

The name is just a joke. Bolinas is a little town in West Marin County that is notorious for tearing down the sign pointing tourists toward them. Since few know of it, or cyclecars, that's what we're calling this group and any others who meet with us when / if we meet. Front to rear, me, Tom Reier, with my Grinnall Scorpion, Mark Sange with his JZR, Rick and Dick Gale on each side of their brg Triking, and Warren Behler with his Trihawk. We were just back from lunch at the Pine Cone diner, in the beautiful town of Point Reyes California. This is an absolute first time for these four types of vehicles to be together anywhere. The Trihawk only saw 96 produced, and to the best of my knowledge none left the US. We had a nice cruise together, and attracted way too much attention. We will be meeting again, hopefully in September.                                

Report 2

We had seven people in four 3-wheelers make it to this "Short Notice" event. Alas, just one Trihawk was there (mine), but at least "we" were represented... Tom Reier brought his BMW m/c powered Grinnall Scorpion, which is a beautiful piece of machinery. Riccardo Gale and his father, Dick, brought their Moto-Guzzi powered Triking. Dick Gale had owned this car originally, then sold it. A couple of years ago, his son, Rick, decided he'd like to have it back in the family, tracked it down to its owner in So.Calif. and bought it back! The fourth car was a Honda Silver Wing powered JZR, belonging to Mark Sange... Both the Triking and the JZR are more-or-less "Replicas" of a mid-1930's Morgan, albeit with more comfortable suspensions & reliability. Though both these cars look alike when you first see them, they are each from different manufacturers. Joe Wiegand, another Triking Owner, tagged along on his Moto-Guzzi 2-wheeler, as his car wasn't operational last weekend... We had an interesting mix of vehicles. Tom's Scorpion has a mid-engined layout with rear wheel drive. The Triking & JZR have front engines with rear wheel drive. And the Trihawk has a front engine with front wheel drive. My Trihawk was the "heavy-weight" of the group, at 1340-lbs, whereas the other three cars each weighed in at about 500-lbs less. But, when the weather turns sour, us Trihawkers have a top we can put up, a heater we can turn on, and a reverse-gear we can back up with. After gawking at each other's cars for an hour, we caravanned up the hill to Mark's home to check out his garage and have a photo session, with all our cars lined up next to one another. We then decided to head on up the coast a dozen miles or so, to Pt.Reyes Station, for lunch... Traffic was light, the weather was perfect, and we had a great time zipping in and out of the corners and blasting down the few straight sections of Hwy-1. We kept up a brisk pace... Upon arrival at Pt.Reyes Station, which was overrun with the usual crowd of weekend tourists, we were fortunate to get a parking spot where we could line up all four vehicles, side-by-side, tails to the curb, right on the main drag in the middle of town! It was a wonderful sight... We spent the next hour answering the "usual" 3-wheeler questions for hundreds of people... Then we left the cars to the tourists and wandered around the block to a local eatery for lunch. While having lunch it was decided our little group should have a name. We came up with, "The Bolinas Cyclecar Club"; a non-dues paying, non-organized group of Rebels, driving non-normal cars that first met in a non-typical town!

We left Pt.Reyes Station at about 3:00-pm, heading back to Bolinas via another route. I had a long drive home to look forward to, so broke off from the group near Nicasio Reservoir. Since I didn't know the area and lacked a map, Joe, on his motorcycle, led me to Hwy-101 via Lucas Valley Road. The drive home to Los Altos was uneventful, except I didn't like the idea of having to pay a $1.00 per wheel toll to get back across the Golden Gate Bridge! So called, "Normal" cars, can cross for only 75-cents per wheel...We were all having such a good time, we decided we have to do this again; perhaps in the Fall. It would be nicer to have more 3-wheelers involved. To that end, I'll let you all know "when & where" our next event is scheduled to happen, as soon as a date is set. I hope more Trihawk Owners will participate...