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Building a Bijou Reliant Model ( Page 4 of 5)

16) Patience with the windscreen pays off, it fits perfectly and so using a tiny drop of super glue I glue it in place. For anyone else making one of thse models be warned, using lots of glue may cause “white smoke” to appear on the plastic and fog up the screen.  A small piece of plastic is also cut to cover the rear screen area - a job that nearly sees your fingers superglued together.

17) Next the headlamps are pushed back into place with a dab of glue inside the shell to hold them in place.

18) At this point of the model I discovered I had a spare set of wing mirrors from the Vanguards Reliant AA model. So I thought I would use them and proceeded to drill two holes into the shell for the mirrors. Those amongst you who are clever will think, surely he should have drilled the holes before he painted it.  Your right! A quick touch up with a blob of paint later and the holes were OK.

19) Time for the seats to be slotted into place. These were not glued in as the base and windscreen should hold them in place.

20) After the seats the base is then added to the model.

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