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Building a Bijou Reliant Model ( Page 3 of 5)

11) The rear seat from the Bijou kit needs painting next.

12) I also decided to paint the interior and so removed the steering wheel and painted the dashboard and carpets. The Bijou rear seat is then glued onto the back.

13) Next came the windscreen from the model and this was quite tricky as you need to cut the back off at an angle so that it will fit in the new saloon body. I remembered some advice the chap at the carpet shop told me when I brought my bedroom carpet.  Measure lots and only cut tiny bits off - you can always take more off but you can’t add it on. I therefore spent a while cutting bits off and constantly trying it in the saloon body to se how it would fit.  To cut it I used a tiny hand held drill with a small sanding disc on the end and used the edge of the disc for cutting.

14) Back to the body again and time for more painting, here the rear lights are painted orange at the top (indicators) and red at the bottom (rear lights). Having painted the rear lights silver earlier I leave enough silver so the lights look as though they have a chrome edge.

15) At the front the indicators are painted orange - again leaving enough silver to look like a chrome edge. I also decided to paint the air intake black rather than leave it red.

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