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Building a Bijou Reliant Model ( Page 1 of 5)

I was recently fortunate enough to get a Bijou Reliant Regal Saloon kit for converting a Lledo Reliant Model and so made a photographic record of it being made. The model uses several “donor” parts from a Lledo model. The way I built the model may not be correct as I am not a model builder but if it isn’t I enjoyed doing it my way.

1) The Model supplied comes as a plastic Reliant Regal Saloon Shell, rear seat and a clear piece of plastic for the rear windscreen.

2) The first step is to carefully sand off surplus plastic from the rough edges, especially by the windscreen.

3) Once sanded I applied the first layer of paint. In this case I was using “Nightfire Red” that I had left over from spraying a slight bumper scratch on my Rover. I decided spray painting would give a much better finish and thought I’ll just spray the model very lightly building the colour up in layers.

4) Whilst the body was drying out I dissected my donor vehicle, for this model a model. I need the base and wheels, interior seats and dash, headlamps and windscreen.

5) After removing the tyres from the base I mask the wheels and give the base its first coat of paint.

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