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Beaulieu Autojumble, The New Forest, Hampshire, UK. Sept 10/11th 2001.

Report & Pictures by Alan Hubbard.

This Autojumble is held twice a year, the smaller one is in  the Spring around May. People come from all over to attend these Auto jumbles, not only to sell but also to buy. The signs leading up to the entrance point towards Eurojumble and you'll find stalls selling car parts from as far afield as Holland, France and Germany. The non-U.K plates in the car park indicate just how far people are prepared to travel.

This Autojumble is by far the biggest collection of stalls selling car parts probably anywhere in the World. The number of stalls selling is well over a thousand! You certainly won't find any general market stalls here! in fact one of the pre-requisits to sell is it has to be related to the Car.  Sadly, the downside to such an event is the level of Business  that this has become and its certainly is BIG Buisiness! I know that the level of organisation and  facilities are high indeed and all this comes for a price: Fields of Car parks, Car parking attendants, Roped off walk ways, Toilets, hard walking areas, (I remember when they didnt even put down cardboard when it rained!!) minibus deliveries and Collection facilities so you can leave parts bought and collect them later.

I also appreciate that all this costs money, but apparently  the stall holders are charged in excess of £250-£300 for a plot, so they have to sell at least that before they start making a profit. Thats probably fine for the bigger  Commercial type stalls, but for the smaller stall it wouldnt surprise me  if they went home in the red. Even the ice cream vans sell cones starting at £2 to break even.

Literally thousands and thousands of people attend and each  one is paying £10 to get in, Someone's making a profit!

Finding 3-wheeler related items

Out of all those thousands of stalls, somewhere you can buy 3  wheeler parts! its fairly easy!! Walk past any stall selling tools! walk past those which sell model cars, unless you want one! walk past those selling trim and those fancy tents selling  .......what are those? dont waste your time!! Walk past the big commercial tents specialising in marques The Jaguar,MG, Ford, Triumph, Jaguar and Jaguar and Jaguar......yup!! some are well represented! that only leaves a few hundred stalls!! see easy!!

By far the biggest collection of 3 wheeler related items has to be those which sell brochures and printed articles here, because we, the 3 wheeler enthusiasts are in the minority, the pickings are rich. I found loads of Reliant related material, Ranging from sales brochures,  specification charts, mail shots, handbooks, adverts and the like. Bond minicars, Messerschmitt, Heinkel, Morgans and Trojans all  equally represented here. As a Bond Bug owner I even managed to find a perfect sales brochure. I also found in a new book about the Reliant Regal and Robin it was £12.99 and had a section on the Bond Bug but by this time I'd spent all my money so I will have to wait until Christmas for this one.

Less luck however in finding actual car parts for 3  wheelers. I came across a few parts:  a Reliant Shock absorber for a Regal, master cylinders ,brake parts and Clutch parts for a Robin. A slave cylinder for a Bond Bug.  I did see a few boxes of parts with Morgan written on it, I think they were  steering parts. One Stall had a canopy  frame for a Messerchmitt. There were probably a lot more If I'd known what I was looking for. Model cars were easier to come by, I found a lots of various  bubble cars, Hienkels and Messerchmitts,  a pair of Bugs: one Orange and  one Lime both with plenty of chips. A pewter Bug.  Morgans everywhere! (new and old) and yellow Reliant Trotters Supervans by the bucket load! Unexpectedly I found a complete Bubblecar, full  size!