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Gallery 021

My thanks go to George Osborn for these photographs though when they first arrived I really do not know where to add them.  So; as they would quite often say on the TV show "Monty Python" ... and now for something completely different.  George writes:

 ... The mower, I recently persuaded the P.C.C. to buy for my local Churchyard, which I keep tidy. The pedestrian controlled street-cleaner was in Nieppe, near Lille (I'm almost certain), and it's operator looked quite bemused that anyone should want to photograph it. The line-painter was going down a rather steep and twisty road somewhere in Italy. It had three wheels, and should have been pedestrian controlled, but the operator had fitted one of those wheeled platforms that fit behind push-chairs for a toddler to stand on. Quite how he kept it down to a sensible speed, I don't know!