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My thanks go to Linda Jackson from the Reliant Owners Club (ROC) for sending in this photo.  The photo was in the ROC National Top Gear magazine in Spring 2003 and features Ashley (Trotter) Dunn's Reliant Regal Supervan III in the Trotters Independent Trading livery. The following text appeared in the ROC magazine and was written by Ashley Dunn..

The Great and the small (but which is which?)

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the ROC about 25 or so cars completed the end to end, - Land`s End to John O`Groats.  A certain event that happened on the trip; I have been asked over and over again to tell the story, because lots of people have heard about it making the TV and the papers. .

We, that's Paul Rose and myself Ashley Dunn, (Paul was my co-driver) both of us travelling a Trotters Independent Trading look alike van, stopped in one of the sevices on the M6 - it doesn't really matter which one. There were around about 10 others that stopped for a rest as well.

When we were ready to leave Paul and myself were walking back to our van and passed a top of the range Mercedes with the owner trying to start the car.

Guess what! he had a flat battery, (just up my street). Calmly a said to the man: "Would you like some help?",

he replied, "Yes please", - and no I didn't say, 'then join the AA`, -Turning to Paul I said, giving him a wink of the eye


I asked the man with the merc to lift his bonnet up, which he did, saying to him: "We`ll give you a jump start"

"Thank you very much", he said, -

he never had a clue what was in store.

By the time Paul arrived with the van a nice little crowd was gathering looking at this Merc with its bonnet open.

Trotters Independent Trading to the rescue,

`Struth` - if you could have seen the blokes face, he didn`t' know where to look or what to say.

Now there were on lookers, loads of them, and Paul trying to position the van so the jump leads would reach, me shouting, people laughing and it was a boiling hot day.

Several times the van was moved to get in the right place to snap the jump leads on, at last, on they went.

Turning to my co-driver, smiling in the baking hot van with the sweat running down his back, I said in a whisper: "Keep the bloodly thing revving - I don`t know if we can start this".

The owner of the Merc jumped into his car, - - and Bingo it fired up the very first time.

With that he leapt out and tried to take the jump leads off and close the bonnet as quick as possible.

"Hang on" I said, and moving at the speed of light out with my camera, 'click', - got it one of the most famous shots of all time.

The Great and the Small.

If you could have seen that mans face which lots of us did, what a picture.

Don`t you just love....... the Reliant Owners Club, best 8 I ever spent