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Gallery 015

My thanks to Steve Fisher for sending me this humourous picture of his old Reliant Regal Supervan III.  Steve writes:

After a car had driven into the back of my Regal Supervan I was left with  a write-off. So I decided to turn the front into a drinks cabinet. After sawing the front off, I left it laying around for a year or two. Until  one day, changing the gearbox on a Toyota Cressida on my own. I was carrying  the extracted gearbox down the drive, but as it was heavy I 'rested' it on  the cut-off front of the Regal. Guess what the thing collapsed and shattered.  As it could now never be used as a drinks cabinet, I turned it into art. It  was on the garage door for 2 weeks and received one or two comments.