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Gallery 294

My thanks go to Alex and Renzo for these photos of their Triking.  They write:

I`m looking for a cheap transport vehicle I came on your site that I like very much.

I use my Triking Sports `44 from 1984 only in summer so a Reliant would be nice for wintertime aspecially with all the salt on the Dutch roads.

Inclosed are 2 foto`s from the Triking with my dog Renzo in it, he realy loves driving it!

Ever when I push it outside the shed he jumps in at the passengers seat, and it needs a lot of pursuasion to get him out when I`m not due to drive of emediatly!

Renzo is a 3 1/2 year old Border Colly and it seems he has a build-in speedo, when driving about 50km`s or less he sits on the seat as a king looking very keen to see everything around him and from 50 on he lies down and even sleeps on the seat as he did on the trip to Heiligenhaus last year, that was about 310km. and we couvered that within 3 hours, 2 stops included to stretch the legs and exercise the dog.

2 Foto`s are taken at the treffen in Heiligenhaus Germany last year to celebrate the 30th. anniversary of Triking, the other 2 at a parkingplace.