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Gallery 285

My thanks go to Simon Hoyle in New Zealand for these photos of his Gnat Scarab.  Simon writes; "

Hi i've got a Gnat Scarab that i want to sell. Ive been using it regularly, and is mechanically good but original. It has just lost spark, maybe the contact points are dirty. Now knowing whats involved in fixing the problem i would rather let someone experienced with these km914 engines do the repair. The buyer must have intention to restore and collect. Due to the historic significance of this machine i dont want it to end out in the wrong hands and be lost from others to enjoy. The scarab is an extremly capable vehicle and has been reliable up to now.

here are some Gnat links,

The sachs km914 engine and Albion 3 speed with reverse gearbox are number tagged, aswell as the chassis number.It has a multi plate clutch and two independently chain driven rear axles which give it a good ground clearance. I cant give anymore history to it other than the previous owner of 5 years used it on sand dunes on the west coast of New Zealand. The bar across the top has been made with a kink up at either end for special pourpose. In my opinion it could have been used to hold cable reels while laying across rough farm terrain. It could be
around 30 years scince manufacture. The sale is open to offers.

Simon can be contacted on