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Gallery 277

My thanks go to to Steve Bowers for these pictures of his Austin Leyland-TRIO. Steve writes:

... The brainchild of Ken Hallett of Wareham Dorset.

It uses a Mini sub frame and A-series engine,Austin Metro drive shafts,Austin 1100 disc brakes,Allegro steering column,Morris Ital wheels,Renault 5 rad and a Austin 1100 rear radius arm with a Reliant Robin coil/spring damper unit.

The body is made of marine ply wood skinned in aluminium and vinyl.

Steel frame chassis.

This is a one-off built for ken's use. Reg in 1978, Weight 440kgs,MPG 38 approx,

Top speed OFF THE CLOCK!.

IN 1993 Ken started to sell sets of plans(about 125 sold) but no kit parts.

The car is called The Austin Leyland-TRIO.