Archive 3 Set 4: Gallery 261 - 280

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Gallery 264

My thanks go to Leo Morgan for these photos of his Reliant Robin. Leo writes:

... I wanted to post a pic of my 1976 750cc Reliant Robin for the fan gallery if of use to you? The minor body damage " I was told by the previous owner" was due to drunk youths flipping the car onto it's side....its all since been rectified, and the robin is now a project of which I enjoy restoring!!! I'm 23, and have only owned the car for a couple of weeks, the robin was my number 1 choice for my first ever car/trike for allot of reason...of which I'm sure you can appreciate.

Update Feb 08

Just wanted to send an updated pic of the robin in its present state as its gone through a few changes. (see last photo on page)