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Gallery 245

My thanks go to Nom Mort in Canada for these photos of his 1967 Reliant Regal 21E.  On his Regal, Nom writes:

...  It runs well, has some rot in the driver's side frame rail and the springs look a bit weak. The interior is great, except the dash is a bit worn. The body is a bit stress cracked and the front valance is brokem, but all in all not too bad. Somewhere along the line the wheel arches were cut? and aluminums was put on them. Looks fairly professional really. The car came via the US to a client of mine. I write for mags and newspapers on new and collector cars and do insurance evaluations. This client has nearly 60 microcars and wasn't fond of the Reliant -likes German and italian models best.

Anyways, I'm a Brit car collector -hence the Reliant instead of payment for appraisals. Looking forward to starting the resto, although I have little time leftover from writing, etc.