Archive 3 Set 3: Gallery 241 - 260

Archives of your 3-Wheelers

Gallery 242

My thanks go to George Osborn in the UK for these photos of his Rialtopless (A Reliant Rialto - topless). George also includes a photo of another 3-wheeler he has found (last photo) and writes:

... Found this floor-scrubber the other day barely a mile from home. It's an electric 3-wheeler for use in a factory/warehouse etc, made by American Lincoln of Ohio, USA. Owned by the brother of an aquaintance, it could be for sale. I hope he wants silly money for it, as I might otherwise be tempted and don't know where I could keep it, or when I'd find time to do anything with it! Trouble is, it would fit on the back of the Ant, and fit-in with my Ant/Melford sweeper so I could all-too easily talk myself into buying the damned thing.