Archive 3 Set 3: Gallery 241 - 260

Archives of your 3-Wheelers

Gallery 241

My thanks go to Tom Carmody in the USA for these photographs of his Tryker.  Tom writes:

Designed in 1983 by an engineer in Santa Barbara California. One of a kind. He abandoned the project in 1987 and the vehicle disappeared. I discovered it 17 years later under a blanket in a garage in New Jersey and completely restored it and re-engineered it with current technology. Has a 1978 Honda Accord front wheel drive, a 1997 1100cc Yamaha Virago engine, Honda Gold Wing shocks, 5 speed transmission, disc brakes, Kuryakan Hyperchargers, Boyd Coddington wheels and drives like a dream. The vehicle is unbeatable on the mountain roads because of the front wheel drive and cruises at about 65 mph.