Archive 3 Set 2: Gallery 221 - 240

Archives of your 3-Wheelers

Gallery 240

My thanks go to Andrew Gordon for these photograph of his REG.  Andrew writes:

Thought you might be interested in my three wheeled car/trike, I bought this three months ago from a chap in Wales who said this was a one off hand build.

I fell in love with this little car and bought it to replace my bike so I could take the kids for a safe spin, I have found this little car as much fun as the bike and I think if I am true to myself I think it is better.

The make and model is a R.E.G Sport build at some time in the late 1980s using a box frame chassis with a light alloy construction body with wood floors. The cars running gear is believed to be based on the Nissan 120y engine and parts but has been fitted with a A14 engine. The car is very fast and quick and is on a Q plate.

If you know anything of this make and model then I would be very interested to hear.