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Gallery 239

My thanks go to Jaime Tayor in New Zealand for these photograph of his 1933 Morgan Super Sports beetleback.  Jaime writes:

.. car number D517 , originally had a JAP watercooled V twin engine but now has a 1937 Matchless watercooled 1000cc V twin.  It is the first of the 3 speed reverse models and was only manufactured for a year by Morgan before he added different body cut outs in the front end. It is still a 6 volt dynamo generated car ( gearbox driven) and has a factory front hydraulic brake conversion & cycle wheel guards, apart from that it is standard.  Was exported to USA in the 60s and then went to Canada in the 70s. I bought it from Canada to New Zealand 2 yrs ago. It is used weekly touring and Hill climbing.


Te Onepu hill climb 2005

Morgan 3 wheelers gathered March 05 at Lake Taupo North Island, New Zealand.

Tolaga Bay North Island New Zealand.