Archive 3 Set 2: Gallery 221 - 240

Archives of your 3-Wheelers

Gallery 237

My thanks go to Renaud Richard in France for this photograph of his father's 3-wheeler.  Renaud writes:

... Included is my father's 3w conceived & built by him about 15 years ago.(He was 80 when he began...)
He bought a Sandford in 1932 when he was 23 and that was his only car till WWII. He dismantled it then to prevent Germans to take it. I reskinned it in 1970 & raced it in the Coupes de l'age d'or in Montlhéry
in 1970/71 (I still have a cup won against badly lowered & tuned British Morgan's !) then sadly it was robbed in 1989 & never reappeared. That's why my fathed decided to build another 3w, a thing he longed to do all his life anyway. So you understand 3w is in our genes here! (in Brittany by the way)