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Gallery 231

My thanks go to William Nelson in the USA for these photos.  William writes:

Two years ago, while visiting family in Milwaukee, WI (USA), we noticed two very interesting 3-wheeled vehicles sitting in front of an insurance agency. We took a few pictures of them and talked to the owner, who also has several very interesting 4-wheelers. The two cars were a Petite and a Noble 2000. I just discovered more information on your site about the Petite and noticed that is a model name from AC. I wonder if Noble 2000 is also a model name of some other manufacturer? [Yes Fuldamobil] There were no other labels ... The name of the gentleman who owns them is Arden Wurch.

... I'm attaching the still photos we took of the two 3-wheelers I mentioned. For some reason, we didn't get a shot of the front of the AC Petite, but the picture on your website is nearly identical, except for color. There's a lot of resemblence between the Fuldamobil and the Noble 2000 we saw. It also fits with Mr. Wurch's description that the same basic car had been manufactured in several locations. He said it's cute, but kind of a "dog." He'd also mentioned that the Petite's door was available as a drop down, to facilitate loading a wheel chair. As I sat in the car, I thought it would be rather cramped for that purpose. He's quite an interesting fellow, but was in poor health when we met him. He instructed his daughter to show us their '31 Austin London taxi, a '48 DeSoto Coupe, a '56 Ford Thunderbird, and my favorite, a '31 American Austin Bantam. She actually drove all but the T-bird out of their garages, so we could get better pictures. It made for a very enjoyable couple of hours that we won't soon forget.