Archive 3 Set 2: Gallery 221 - 240

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Gallery 227

My thanks go to Michel Humbert from France for these photos of his 1977 Vitrx.  Michel writes:

You will remember that you received about two or three years ago information from Gabriel Grare on the 50cc Vitrex Riboud, information still displayed on your website. Gabriel never really started the restauration of the 1977 Vitrex three wheeler he was lucky enough to find in a meadow. He eventually offered it to me, and here's the result of a couple of months working in the garage.

Now that the vehicle is nearly finished, I must confess that its Sachs 47cc engine (the same as on the Poirier wheelchair) isn't really enough to cruise at a reasonable speed. But even useless, wouldn't it have been a shame not to rescue this 'bath on wheels' ?

Our next restoration will be the Poirier, it gets so rusty that we hardly dare to show it ! If you publish these pictures, please leave my e-mail address ( so that anybody interested can contact me. To speak of tiny three wheelers, of course, not to try and sell me Viagra !