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Gallery 224

My thanks go to Jonathan for these photos of his 1931 Stanley Argson.  Jonathan writes:

The tricycle was first registered in 1931 as a Stanley 'Argson' with a 175cc Villiers engine, a 2 speed gear box and external contracting brakes on the rear wheels only. The cylinder is cast iron and one piece without a separate head. It cruises at about 20m.p.h. in top gear but will go a lot faster (if one dares with those brakes). When we bought it there was a very crude and obviously non original cladding over the front framework (which had red coach lines showing that it was originally exposed) and an even cruder foot brake mechanism to the bicycle type brakes at the front side of the rear wheels.

All controls are by hand; there is plenty to keep them busy. Throttle, mixture, gear levers (one for connecting and disconnecting the handles and one for the speeds), hand brake to the external contacting brakes and the decompression lever are on the left hand side. Clutch, steering and a twist grip control to the forward titling bicycle type brakes to the rear wheel rims are on the right handle. Starting is by using the handles and the decompressor (compression is very healthy) and the machine can be propelled using the handles alone through the gear box. The engine is disconnected in this case by using a dead bolt type arrangement on top of the gear box behind the seat.

The rear suspension involves the rear engine/gear box and wheels frame pivoting on a bearing shared with the seat/front frame located under the petrol tank which is under the seat. There are then two coil springs under the rear corners of the seat. The front suspension is a parallel link and spring arrangement the front wheel is very lightly loaded and tends to
'patter' very easily.