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Gallery 218

My thanks go to Barry Frost (UK) for sending in these photos of a Wales and Edwards milkfloat.  Barry writes;

I've attached some pics of our works milkfloat,it would be nice to see it on 3 if you think it's worthy. I'll bore you with what i know of it ... it's a Wales & Edwards milkfloat from circa 1960 converted to hydraulic tipper.  The school I work at bought it about 15 years ago from the stables at Hampton court palace where they had two of these.I don't know what happened to the other one.

About 3 years ago it had a new tipper fitted as the old one was getting rusty.  About 2 years ago the school stumped up 1,500 for a new set of batteries to replace the tired originals,they hadn't done bad eh!  2 years ago we got it made road legal.we got it registered,and with the addition of indicators and brake lights we were ready for the road.

It's on a Q plate but doesn't need tax as it's an electric goods vehicle,and doesn't need m.o.t. either.i can't actually remember why.  Now and again it does a short trip on the road,not far.  It is quiet slow,not half as fast as modern milkfloats.about 10 mph tops.  One thing that can catch you out is that the accelerator pedal and brake pedal are the other way round compared to normal cars.accelerator on left,brake on right.

It's a great vehicle and can carry huge and very heavy loads and the leaf springs don't even budge.