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Gallery 215

My thanks go to Thomas Greenberg (Germany) for sending in these photos of his 1985 Reliant Rialto.  Thomas writes;

Until 1 week ago I always said I'm the only Reliant driver in the village (Just like this bloke on Little Britain says "I'm the only gay in the village"), but apparently I'm not. My mechanic told me there is a bloke with a yellow Reliant from Hanover who keeps coming to the Jaguar Garage here in Berlin.

And then the other day I drove through a suburb of Berlin where good guys should not go and there is a man locking the door of his car, then hears my loud jalopy and points with the right arm at his frontwheel and with the left one at mine so I had to look. A Robin in whine red with German number plates.   Bloody Heck!