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Gallery 214

My thanks go to Gordon ? (UK) for sending in these photos of his 1934 BSA.  Gordon writes;

The BSA had been disassembled after catching fire (battery in the boot), then sold and delivered to the chap I bought it from on a trailer. He put it in a Dutch barn intending to rebuild it in due course. Twenty years later when his ill health brought on the sale I bought the parts still in the place they were put twenty years previously. All the parts, including a spare engine, fitted into a Ford Transit van and were delivered to my drive at about 5.30pm May 30th. 1987. Boy! Did all that chicken and rabbit dung cause some paint problems. By August 1987 she was towed to a local rally where she was driven under her own power for the first time. The vehicle was tested and taxed in January 1988 and has been on the road ever since. She has attended and taken part in the 1992,'93 and 1994 Tour de Bretagne plus many rallies in this country.