Archive 3 Set 1: Gallery 201 - 220

Archives of your 3-Wheelers

Gallery 210

My thanks go to David Harvey for these photographs his Reliant Robin and matching trailer.  David writes:

... I have had the car since new when it was purchased as a van for 1200. I fitted the side windows and uprated the interior. I also added a uplift tailgate rather than the side opening door. Also modified the roof to take a standard sunroof and added the bars ( boat accessories). The car has covered 300,000 miles with only one gearbox and engine overhaul. I still use it regularly for work.

The trailer evolved from a box trailer and I have been towing it for the last 25 years.

Both car and trailer have been resprayed and had vinyl roofs added

I attend many rallies and events in the south and this combination never fails to turn heads.