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Archives of your 3-Wheelers

Gallery 207

My thanks go to Karl Nixon for these photos of his AC Invalid carriage. Karl writes:

... I was looking on your web site and I thoughtyou might be interested to see what I have sitting in a barn in Essex . I did have it up for sale on ebay but got messed about a bit , but i did get a few interesting emails about it on of telling me that the last time my three wheeler had been seen on the road was in 1974 . Another charity what me to regester the car with them so they can keep track of it when it is sold . I hope you dont think I am been to cheeky in asking you but would you know of any history on these claims or any body that is looking to buy or even a figure that you think that it might be worth . Im sure you will reconise it but if you dont by some chance it is a Mk 1 invalid carrage made by AC Cars around 1949 / 52 from the emails that I have had it seems to be the last one but Im sure there will be a few more around in dads and grandads work shops some were

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