Archive 3 Set 1: Gallery 201 - 220

Archives of your 3-Wheelers

Gallery 204

My thanks go to Paul Collins for these photographs of a Harty Dingwell.  Paul writes:

... I hope you can help me to find out some history of this 3 wheeler.  It belongs to a friend of mine and he asked me to search the internet for some information and history.

I have searched as deep as I can but have still not been able to find you can see in the pictures It was made by Harty Dingwall but a search on this didn't uncover anything, I did however notice on your site that all invacar models are owned by the government or councils and the plate on the tricycle says "Govt property".  To point out the tricycle is powered by the two levers in front of the seat by pulling one while pushing the other. this is still in working order (but a bit tricky). the steering is done by turning the top of the right lever clockwise for right turns and anti-clock for left. it has two gears and a brake on the left lever. the thought that it could be a invalid carriage is another area I searched under.

You have an amazing site which I have saved to my favourites list as I am also the owner of a modified Robin and I'm sure your site will be useful again

Paul can be contacted at: