Archive 2 Set 5: Gallery 181 - 200

Archives of your 3-Wheelers.

Gallery 199

My thanks go to Karl Heuer for these photos of an unknown 3-wheeler he has. Karl writes:

I have a odd 3 wheeler i cant identify. i looked all over the web and have had no luck finding it anywhere. You may be able to identify it. What i do know about it is its from the 1950s and a disabled woman owned it. She would fold down a ramp and ride her wheelchair onto it and then pull the ramp up. Then she would start it and then drive it where she needed to go. It is red, it has small wheels on it, 1 in front and 2 in back, it is low to the ground and is driven by the front wheel. The motor sits in a kind of cage which is connected to the handlebars. Its chain drive to a jack shaft and then to the front wheel. When you turn the handlebars the eng will turn with it. It has a steel tube framing and a fiberglass hood with a headlight. It has a low top speed of about 15 mph If you could please answer me back and tell me who made this thing if possible i would greatly appreciate it. 

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