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Gallery 198

My thanks go to John Guest for sending in this photo of his old 1970 Reliant Regal Supervan III.  John writes:

The Reliant in the picture was the one I owned at the age of 16 years, The story goes as follows:

On my 16th birthday, I was given a second hand Honda CD175 as a present.  As I was working approx 6 mile fom home, this motorcycle was a very welcome bit of transport to save me getting up early to get to work. Unfortunately where we lived at the time, the builders was just finishing off the housing estate, and also the roads I.e. gravel and chippings for the road access. 

As a few months went past, I came off my machine 3 times because of the road surface, so my father told me that I should be better off if I had an extra wheel! So both my father and myself looked in the advertisements and also around the different agents in the area so we could see what improvements had been made to the Reliant cars through the years. We eventually saw about 15 cars, the eventual dealer we had the vehicle from was Roy Peplow in Wednesbury, we first saw a very nice conditioned Reliant van which was a 1965 (D reg) at 415.00 but eventually my father said that we should put the difference of 90.00 and have a brand new ReliantSupervan 3, this is the one in the picture reg: YEA 459H.

As I have said, my birthday was December 1969, passed my motorcycle test in February 1070, then had this Reliant in March 1970. What did it feel like to have a car when I was 16? Prety good, it was like having a Rolls Royce at the time.

When my father and myself was loking for a Reliant, he told me that he also had a Reliant when he was younger, it was a Reliant Regant van, he also said that it was a company vehicle at the time, and if he had one, then he didn't see why I shouldn't start with one.

I had this van for approx 3 years, having changed my job by now, I was a trainee quantity surveyor, with a painting contractor. Every birthday my employer would ask when I was going to take my driving test for a 4 wheeled car, as there was a company van in the yard for me to use, but if I had passed my driving test for a 4 wheeled car then I would loose my mileage allowance, at the time 5d per mile, (I was averaging 500 miles a week in my Reliant). My wage at the time was 17.50 per week plus my mileage allowance was equal to 42.50 per week, pretty good wages at 16 years old.

Eventually, my father went self employed as a painting contractor, which meannt that in his business he wanted a bigger van for holding paint, ladders etc.  So, at the time, 1973, I passed my full 4 wheeled driving test, and my van had to go (very reluctantly), in part exchange for a Bedford van. At the time the part exchange deal was 395 for my Reliant, not bad when you consider that the new price was 505 on the road, when we bought it, it also had done 50,000 miles with no extra maintenance except for regular services from the agents.

I still look back at those days of my Reliant driving around the country with pleasure, not as for todays traffic problems, but have still got a car, but the pleasure of driving is not so good these days.



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