Archive 2 Set 5: Gallery 181 - 200

Archives of your 3-Wheelers.

Gallery 194

My thanks go to Jules Vautier for these photos of his 3-wheelers. Jules writes:

I give you some photos of my cars. The blue-green one is my Willam Sulky 1977 motor Minarelli 49.6 cc. It's my first car. I was 12 years old when a friend of my father gave me this vehicle free. I worked 2 years on it. Now I'm 18, and I have 5 microcars, 3 have "3 wheelers".

The Red one is my BMA Amica 1975, motor 125 cc Lambretta. The first color is orange, but the last owner prefered this color. But, as I'm a little "maniac", I remaked with a friend of mine, the color is more shiny !!

The Solyto is my latest car. He belongs to The South of France. (I live in Britany, the west part). He was built in 1958.

The other photos (last two shown) are from a famous Rally in France "LE TOUR DE BRETAGNE de VéHICULES ANCIENS" in June 2003.

The Black Messerschmitt is the Nicolas Courtonne collection, the president of Vespa 400 club in France.

The other Solyto, is the Jacquotte Novack Collection. She has many others cars like a Véloto, and others, not microcars but prestigious véhicles of the 30s : 2 beautiful "Chenard & Walker", and many motocycles like a "triporteur Peugeot".

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