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Gallery 193

My thanks go to Nick Devonport for this picture of his 1971 Poirier. Nick writes:

...I thought that you might like to see my latest plaything, a 1971 French Poirier invalid tricycle. It's powered by a 47cc Fichtel & Sachs two-stroke engine driving the NSR wheel by chain through a two speed automatic transmission. There's also a hand crank driving the front wheel by chain very much like the old Harding carriages of the forties but with a ratio of 1:1 you don't want to be encountering too many hills requiring pedal assistance!

I found it in an Emmaus bric-a-brac place in France on holiday this year and couldn't leave it there. It passed the MoT after a few minor adjustments and a new front tyre and is in everyday use in Dover, holding up the traffic and attracting jibes from the comprehensive school kids. At least they don't throw things other than abuse...

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