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Gallery 181

My thanks go to Gordon Sapsed for this photo of his Messerschmitts and this great story. Gordon writes:

Congratulations on a well put together and interesting website, which a friend drew my attention to this morning.

I had my first Messerschmitt in 1957, when I was a student. I continued to have one until the mid 1970s and even drove one in "ACU" National Car Rallies. I also, on behalf of a local dealer, drove a four wheeled Messerschmitt "Tiger" in National rallies.

I am attaching a photograph taken in about 1968, showing the fleet or 'squadron' that I had at that time, with other family 'wheels'.

Good luck with continuing success of the website.

Your readers might, incidentally be interested in this story:

In about 1960 I went to a Count Basie Band Concert in Bournemouth. After the concert I was lucky enough to go backstage and met a famous jazz trumpeter called Snooky Young. Later he was left behind when the Basie Band bus left - he was thought to have travelled by car with friends.

I offered to take him back to London in my Messerschmitt, although I lived in Portsmouth. He climbed in the back and we roared off, after midnight, through the New Forest, fortunately catching up with other band members who were in a car at a filling station in Southampton.

For more than 25 years I recounted this story to jazz loving friends - most of whom didn't believe me. ( Snooky Young in YOUR Messerschmitt? )

In 1987 I was on a business trip to California and had a chance to talk to Snooky Young, now approaching 70 years of age. I said "You won't remember me, but many years ago in England you rode in my car"

Snooky said "Are you the guy with a little tiny car that only had three wheels?"

"Yes" I said.

"Am I glad to meet you" said Snooky "I have been telling people that story for over 25 years and nobody believes me!"

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