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Gallery 174

My thanks go to Ivor Nixon for these photos of his old 1912 Wall. Ivor writes:

I thought you might be interested in a 1912 Wall that I owned for ten years  or so -- 1977 to 1987.  I bought it from a gentleman in Toronto named Arnold Korne who built it almost from scratch after he found a collection of miscellaneous unidentified parts in the boot of a larger conventional vehicle which he imported from the U.K.  It was only after a English expatriate managed to identify the make that he was able to  restore it to an excellent replica of the Wall. It had a drive shaft  connected to the rear axle via a differential. I carried on the work  by adding some parts such as a silencer, headlamp and licence  plate, having the 500cc single-cyclinder motorcycle engine overhauled so that it could be made to run, and building a custom trailer to haul it around. But running it one the road proved almost impossible and I contented myself with showing it at various meetings and shows.

With its brass bits shined up it was a real attention-getter even though no-one in Canada had the faintest idea what it was!
When there was nothing more  I could do I decided it should be auctioned off in England where  its uniqueness would be recognized. So I shipped it off in a container to  Mike Worthington-Williams
of Sotheby's where it brought GB 9,000. Nine  months later the unknown buyer put it up at auction again with Christie's at Donington, and this time it got knocked down for the unbelievable sum of  GB 61,000!!! No-one, not even Mike,  knows who owns it now. There was a  short article with picture about the sale in Classic and Sportscar of June  1988 (if memory serves).

At that time I and anyone else who claimed to  be knowledgable thought it was the only Wall in the world. But at about  that time, unknown to me, a gentleman in New Zealand had begun a  similar restoration of a Wall parcel car which is now complete and running.

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