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Gallery 173

My thanks go to Veronica for these photos of her Reliant Rialto GLS Estate. Veronica writes:

My name is veronica and i have just recently joined the ROC. i've taken great enjoyment out reading the news letter's and will hopefully be attending a monthly meeting soon. i have also enjoyed looking at your website  and found it not only a joy to look at very informational. I now have my insurance with footman james and had mechanical work done at brook road garage both recommended by yourselves! thankyou! i have just bought my third reliant. My first was a van that needed a long list of repairs and was a non-runner to  start with and with many a weekend tinkering slow progress was made, up until a group of local youth's smashed it to bits beyond any state of repair. Greatly  disheartened i gave up my quest ot own one up until i saw one for sale quite  cheap. Once bought it turned out to also need alot of work. Lack of funds at the time ditated abandonment of project. Third time lucky and at last i now have a reliant rialto gls estate se G reg. And i'm in love.I love driving around in it and have taken most of my friends on small spin's for the giggle. They all find it quite hilarious. I have attached pictures of my (affectionately known as)  funky little motor.

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