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Gallery 171

My thanks go to Ace Scott King for these superb photos of the BubblePuppy that he saw parked outside a movie studio.  Ace writes:

I have enjoyed looking through your fine website many times and now have  the opportunity to contribute. Attached are two photos of a very odd three-wheeled vehicle that was constructed for use in a movie (title and release date unknown). According to the maker, the "car" is called a Bubblepuppy, and is powered by a Subaru front-wheel drivetrain with a  small trailing wheel in the rear. It is not licensed for street use, but apparently was driven (slowly) during the production of the movie. I live in Denver, Colorado, USA, and spotted the car parked outside the  maker's studio. Being a three-wheeler enthusiast, I had to take a few photos.  I'm in the process of designing my own three-wheeler and when I begin the  actual fabrication, I'll be happy to send you some pictures of it.

After Ace's email I managed to find out that the film was also called BubblePuppy and released in 2002. You can find out more about the BubblePuppy in my A-Z section.

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