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Gallery 170

My thanks go to my brother Geoff for sending in this photo of his Reliant Super Robin. Geoff writes:

I normally drive a 3.5 V8 Range Rover but when my fuel bill came to over £100 per week for work I decided that a cheaper form of transport was needed. I still needed the Range Rover because I have to pull my trailer for my Discos and camping gear.

My brother Elvis first introduced me to three wheelers when he was at Fircroft College and we even planned to build a one off but Mother Nature beat us to it. So after putting notes on the web site for a Reliant a chap known as Farther Christmas came up with one for me.

It was a 1977 model R, the car ran well and had some T&T on it. As can be seen from the pictures it needs a little love and care but that's was not a problem. So I said goodbye to John and set off back down the M1 to Birmingham. It was a strange feeling driving the Robin after my Range Rover but was also good fun and I found myself laughing as I went down the motorway. Just before Christmas I was working in Coventry and on the way home the motor way came to a stand still and after sitting in the traffic for over an hour I realised that the temp gauge was going down not up - which is mighty strange.

When I got though the road works and on to the M5 the worst thing happened the engine stopped and I came to a stand still. I tried to restart the Robin but the engine was dead. So I phoned the Green Flag Breakdown of which I was a member and they told me that it would cost me £70. for them to come out as they would only cover my Range Rover and not the Robin.  I ended up phoning my best mate who came straight out to get me. So my Christmas Holiday was spent rebuilding my Robin engine and what a nightmare that was.

I have rebuilt Big V8's and even built my off road racer but this little 850cc engine was the worst job I have had to do.  It took me over a day just to get the head off as some bright spark at Reliant thought it would be good to have studs rather than bolts so as you know if you have ever done the job, the engine has to come out of the car and the you have to lift the head square off over four inches which is a major job as steel and alloy don't like each other. 

Once rebuilt the engine and box went back in and I ran it around a few days just to check it out and to make sure there were no little problems to surprise me. At the moment I am working in Syston, which gives me a round trip of over 130 miles a day and it's nearly all motorway work and the little Robin handles it fine. I have a small leak on the Carb and the exhaust is blowing at the manifold which is why I think I am only getting around 40 mpg so I must get them sorted out.

One strange thing that I have notice with my Robin to my Range Rover is when I over take some one at 70mph, In my Range Rover they don't mind but when I do it in the Robin they speed up so I can't get passed, it's as though they don't want to be over taken by a three wheeler.

I hope to have my Robin all done up (well mostly) for the Nationals so I hope to see you there.

Happy Motoring

Geoff Payne

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