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Gallery 165

My thanks go to Tom Burke for these photos of his 1949 Autoette. Tom writes:

Attached find a Flyer that I use for information when we enter our 1949 Autoette in local car
(see below)  Also attached two photos of little red.  By the  way I think this answers Chuck Koch's questions of what he has.

This is the flyer Tom uses:

1949 AUTOETTE  "CruiseAbout"


After World War II, a couple of enterprising Vets from Long Beach, CA, bought a bunch of Army Surplus, 24 volt, Sherman Tank turret motors & from 1949 through the early 60's manufactured the Autoette. An electrically powered, two seat utility-vehicle/personal-conveyance for the elderly/disabled. Power was supplied by 4 deep cycling 6-volt batteries, designed & manufactured (specifically for Autoette) by the Trojan Battery Co. of Santa Fe Springs, CA.

It's rumored that these popular & sturdy little Tanks from the 50's, were the forerunners of the Golf Carts of today.

Autoette's were street legal in their day, and could be seen all over Long Beach, & surrounding communities. They are still mentioned in the current CA DMV, and IRS Regulations.

Owned and Operated by Tom Burke, Sunset Beach, CA

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