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Gallery 164

My thanks go to Guy Mendum for these photos of his Reliant Robin LX. Guy writes:

... this is my car as promised. just put the spoiler on the other day. i had to cut it down as it was off a volvo 440 and was massive. a lot of cutting, sanding and filling. got a bit of help of my mate barry which was much appreciated. it also has fiesta fox brows on it to give it a meaner look as  well as a mess grill and 12 inch mini lite alloys. oh and an exhaust tip to make it look cool from the back end. i am now concentrating on the interior,  i already have a racing gear knob and am getting a racing steering wheel and a small bucket seat for the drivers side. already got a cd player for the car with four 6x9 speakers, 2 tweeters and a 10 inch sub in the boot which im fitting at the moment. sounds great!

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