Archive 2 Set 3: Gallery 141 - 160

Archives of your 3-Wheelers.

Gallery 160

My thanks go to Ron Bender or these pictures of Trimuters that he has built.  Unfortunately I can not show all the photos but this is a small selection from them. Ron writes:

.... I thought you might be interested in seeing pictures of the trimuters that I built.  I built 5 of them from 1982 to 1986. They were all built in my home garage in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Photo 1 ... the first Trimuter that I built. It started life with an 18 hp Briggs and was later changed to a 24 hp Onan.  A modification was added to the back  engine compartment door to accommodate the Onan.  This was made from the Trimuter plans.  The whole car was covered with vinyl topping.

Photo 2 my first Trimuter with the second one I built. The body for the second, third and forth ones were purchased from a fabricator in San Antonio, TX which is no longer in business.  They all  had a 24 hp Onan.  The second, third and forth Trimuters are all alike and were build simultaneously.  Only the paint jobs varied.

Photo 3 ...  is the forth Trimuter that I built, which I still own. The engine was later changed from the 24 hp Onan engine to a 1800 Subaru.

Photo 4 ...  is the fifth and last trimuter that I built. The body was purchased from a fabricator in California, which is no longer in business.  This has a 650, liquid cooled, Honda motorcycle engine. The Trimuter to the left was from Ephrata, Pennsylvania, USA. ...  I am currently working on a new 3-wheeler.  This one will be two wheels in the front and have a motorcycle rear wheel and engine in the back.