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Gallery 159

My thanks go to Alan Doherty for these photos of his Tri-Tech Zetta. Alan writes:

.. In the background is our other Micro Car -  a new Siecento Sporting. Unfortunately the pics don't show my Bond Bug which is also parked in the driveway, but does show our other (not so micro car) Hyundai Coupe 2.7V6. My car is a factory built example. It was built in 1997, is  finished in VW Tornado Red and is fitted with a Honda CRB 250 4 Cylinder, water  cooled engine, mated to a 6 speed sequential gearbox. The quality and finish of  these little cars is superb, and they drive wonderfully. The amount of attention it creates wherever I go adds at least an hour on to your journey time!

It also has a heater and a stereo system, and groovy Chrome  Headlamp peaks. I bought the car in Cambridge and drove it via the M6 to  Heysham (nr Blackpool), in 1 day where we tansported it home via Seacat to Northern Ireland.

Since the photos, I've changed the mini-lite wheels back to cream painted steel wheels with chrome hub caps, as the wide alloys made the car follow tramlines in the road (which could be quite scary!). Its also now  been fitted with original Isetta 300 door badges, original Isetta Mudflaps and Aluminium Splash guards, all obtained from Germany. The last job I want to do before Im completely happy with the car is change the Grey PVC Seats to Green Tratan, just like and original. Is this the only Zetta in  Ireland???

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