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Gallery 152

My thanks go to Doug Rayner for sending me pictures of his Commemorative Edition Reliant Robin SLX; and an edition that I didn't know existed. Doug writes:

It is number 1 of the last 50 made at the Tamworth facory ... It was presented to Kevin Leech the Owner of the Reliant Company at the 1998 Motor Show, he then took it to Jersey where it stayed until The Reliant Co. in May when we bought it ...  I am looking for  any info that you might have on the other 49, I have been told that my car is the only one to have full leather interior ... The car also has a sun-roof and alloy wheels ... Any help you can offer would greatly appreiciated

The plaque on the dashboard states:

Reliant Cars Ltd

Reliant Robin Commemorative Edition

No 1

Built to commemorate the last 50 cars to be built at the Two Gates Factory, in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

If you have any info on any of the other 49, Doug can be emailed at

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