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Gallery 142

My thanks go to LeRoy Reppert for these photos of his 1981 Honda Accorde Trike, Lee writes:

This is in the finishing stage. We are driving it around the neighborhood. It was a 1981-4 door,5 speed Honda Accorde. Engine is in the rear now. The engine  ,cross member, and some of the sheet metal has beem bonded into the trunk area.  Radiator is in front of the cowl with 2 fans. Set up for a/c later on. Right hand drive. Windshield moved back 17 inches. Front end steering unit is from drawings of an Urban car in Popular Mechanics about 1980. VW gear box. Trike is  same length as the 4 door car. front door skin is part of the side of the car.  The rear fender addition are 72 chevey doors skins. Going to be our tow car behind coach. Fun. Goes like crazy.

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