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Gallery 136

My thanks go to Lonnie Smith for these photos of his Switong GOGO. Lonnie writes:

I have recently purchased a Switong GOGO off of E-bay ...and  went to Long Branch, New Jersey to pick it up ... I have seen them in movies made overseas, but other than that this is the first one I ever saw in person. Does anyone know  anything about it? I got no paperwork with it. It has a two cycle engine with no markings on it. All identification plates were previously removed, all it says on the engine is made in Japan. The vehicle has 4 doors with a canvass top. A 3 speed transmission with reverse. Starting is done by hand with a pull lever next to the drivers  seat. I also have a Freeway,and 4 Tri Rods! ...  The Tri Rod pictured with my Freeway (last picture) is street legal. It has a 340 Kohler snowmobile engine. It has a top end of about 80 miles an hour. I have 1 other street legal Tri Rod I am restoring that looks just like this one. I also have two other TriRods that are yard buggys one has an 8 horse Briggs, the other has  a 3 1/2 horse Briggs

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