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Gallery 128

My thanks go to Nick Greatwood for this photo of his old Bond Mk G. Nick writes:

I attach a photo of my Bond Mk G which I had around 1967 (the date of the photo). It met it's demise at the top of Purley Way (near  Purley/Croydon) when some twit in a Skoda pulled out in front of me and I went  in the side. It was written off and the engine casing was cracked. With the  electric start, the engine could be started in the opposite rotation and there  was 3 or 4 gears in reverse.

The car could turn around in it's own length thanks  to the front steering and driving wheel turning through 90 degrees.

The girl friend of that time was Shelagh Moyle in Hillcrest Road, Purley - those were the days! A good friend at the time had a Trojan 200 - great fun.

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