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Gallery 124

My thanks goes to Scott Wood for these photos of an unknown vehicle he has recently purchased. Scott writes:

I recently purchased this kart or car or whatever it is at an estate sale. So far I cannot find out anything about it. I would like to restore it but need more info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Since Scotts first email he has also sent me the following:

I have found out that it is a "Motorette" made in New York in the 40's. So far that is all I can find out and am not sure of the accuracy of that  information. It appears to have had a gas horizontal shaft motor, the whole back body  picks up to reveal engine space and battery (for electric start?). There is no  name tag anywhere, I even turned the whole thing upside down trying to find one.  It appears to have the original 6v battery and tires.  Anything you find out would be greatly appreciated. I want to restore it  (Im a bodyman) and use it for display and parades to advertise my auction business (also a new auctioneer).

If you have any information on this vehicle email Scott at

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