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Gallery 118

My thanks go to Mike Butler for these photographs of various 3-wheelers. Mike writes:

Top Photo: The BSA had just emerged from a total rebuild and was immaculate in burgundy & black. My DRK is hiding in the background (after finishing the 1999 National Rally).

Centre Photos: The Buckland B3 belongs to a CSC* member who regularly hill climbs it. It's the car that most of us covet. Dick Buckland got it just right and the car combines a period look with some very 'smart' engineering ideas. No more cars will be produced, which is a pity. The long picture shows the B3 parked with Lomax 223 cars outside of the 'Shaven Crown Hotel' near Burford Oxon. (UK)

Last Photo: The 'RTP Super Sports' is entirely home built on a 2CV chassis. It's owner/builder, Richard Perfitt, has a certain celebrity, being the only person I know to have turned a 2f1r vehicle over! Richard was carted off to hospital and now proudly sports some impressive facial scars! The car was less damaged than Richard and was quickly rebuilt! The front plaque is a reminder that this car competed in the 'Leige-Targa-Leige' Rally a few years ago. Richard finished this arduous rally (securing a gold medal) despite a engine change half way across Italy but that, as they say, is another story!

Some of the things people do in 'our cars' are extraordinary!

*Citroen Specials Club

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