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Gallery 028

My thanks to Chris Chamberlain for sending me these pictures of his BRA CV3. The first thing I noticed was the long profile of the vehicle.  Chris then told me:

The CV3 was derived from the shorter CX3 - a similar car based on the Honda CX500/CX650 engine and single driven rear wheel. James Mather of BRA had a 2cv chassis in his front garden (as you do!) and dropped a CX3 body onto it to see what it looked like, liked what he saw, although the front cowling was 14" further away than it would be in a CX3. He hastily produced a longer aluminium bonnet and the concept of the CV3 was born.

 I personally love the profile of the car and think that the longer length suits it well - it changes the character of the car from the raucous sportster style of the CX3 to the more laid back tourer style of the CV3

More pictures of Chris' CV3 can be seen on the BRA page.

Chris's E-mail address is:

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