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Gallery 088

My thanks go to Michel Humbert for these pictures of his sister's old Mini Comtesse. Michel writes:

As promised, I pass you the few pictures that my sister Christine kept of her Mini Comtesse. There's no date on the pictures, but they were shot between early 1974  and mid-76, I can't be more precise. The car was sold only in white, but my sister  insisted on  painting it in a dark colour, she said the car looked more serious like that.  The young guy you see beside the girl is, well, myself a little younger. On the  front view, you clearly see the additional front wheels on either side. I still think they were more dangerous than useful.

 Still trying to date theses photos, I would think they  were shot in 1974, as I remember I had fitted a 2CV indicator control on the steering column, as Christine drove with her left hand only, she couldn't reach the std control located on the dashboard.  In 1976, the MC was sold and Christine started a collection of Dafs : 55, 33, 66, 66 again.   Sorry we didn't shoot, or didn't keep any photo of the car  with opened bonnet. The Sachs engine was located on top of the front wheel, and the whole was steered to allow the car  to do very tight U-turns.

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