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Gallery 086

My thanks go to Peter Boock for these photos of his 1938 Argson Runnymede. Peter writes:

I'm the owner of a 1938 Runnymede and am curious to know more about it ... I bought it from someone that I've met during my investigation of the invalid cars of South Africa.  He sold his house about a year ago and moved to a smaller place.  He contacted me and asked me if I want to buy it,  because he knew I was in love with the Runnymede. It was his father's car years ago. I would like to see more pictures and detailed info about the car and would also like to know what it's worth (for insurance purposes), how many were made, how I can determine the age/model of the car, etc. The Runnymede is in good running condition.

Peter can be contacted at:

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