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Gallery 080

My thanks for to Mike Grasso for these pictures of his Tri-Magnum based vehicle.  Mike writes:

Thought you might like to see my recently completed  tri-car. Based on Robert Q Riley's design, I made many  changes,mostly to comply with our Aussie system, but some styling differences because I liked  them. The donor bike was a Honda CBR 900RR 1986 model. It is set up to run on LPG, it was that, or an exaust catalyzer. We are not really permitted to run bike engines in  cars due to the more stringent emission regulations for them, but LPG is emission exempt here.  Ridiculous but true. The building took 700 hours over two years. Vehicle weight must be kept below 450 kg, or else it requires reverse. Likewise, if it does not have reverse. it cannot be enclosed cockpit. The whole thing was a long list of compromises, but has been worth it for the attention it gets, and the startling  performance.

Mike's e-mail address is:

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